Confident Commuting Course
The Confident Commuting Course is a short three-hour course involving both theory and practical instruction to increase confidence for cycling commuting. 
The objectives of the course are to:
  • Ensure riders understand bike set up and basic cycling techniques
  • Explain principles for safe cycling on the roads and specific approaches for challenging scenarios
  • Increase awareness and confidence of commuting cyclists
  • Provide a framework for riders to assess and select commuting routes
  • Establish a baseline from which further cycling development can progress, if desired
  • Increase cycling efficiency and enjoyment
The course will be particularly suited to riders who are new to commuting, new to riding, or would like to gain more confidence in riding on roads. 
Confident Commuting Course details:
Date: Saturday 21 November
Time: 8-11am 
Cost: Introductory price of $35 (incl GST) as this is the first time the course has been run. 
Location: To be advised based on attendee numbers. Likely a shaded car park so we can talk in the shade then practice drills in an off-road environment. 
Attendee requirements: You will need a bike and a helmet. Also please bring a drink bottle and any snacks to get you through the three hours! We won't be cycling too hard or long. Also bring a pen if you want to make notes - handouts will be provided. 
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