Dams Challenge
Training Avenues
Fusion Cycle Coaching has several training avenues available for the Dams Challenge, the options are summarised below. As a small coaching business, I have the flexibility to tailor packages to suit your needs, so contact me if you have any questions or want something different. On the flip side, there are only limited numbers available for the customised and complete training programs to ensure that all my clients get a quality service. 

Contact Emma to discuss the best option for your objectives and budget. 
Social Hills Rides
Social hills rides are scheduled typically once or twice a month throughout the "summer season" (November to April). 

These rides are free and there is no formal coaching, but there is the opportunity to ride with a coach and get some informal feedback. 

Routes range from beginners 50km "easy hills" to longer and more challenging rides as the season progresses. 

The rides are posted as events on the Fusion Cycle Coaching Facebook page - like and subscribe to the Facebook page to make sure you don't miss any! 

Training Peaks Training Plan
Are you looking for a cost-effective option to access a structured training plan that targets the Dams Challenge? Do you want the benefits of a variety of intervals targeted to your training zones? Are you comfortable fine-tuning the training days to suit your schedule? Do you have the discipline to implement a training program without someone looking over your shoulder? Then this option may be for you. 

A range of Fusion Cycle Coaching training plans are available for purchase on the Training Peaks website: 

Each training plan can be adjusted for athletes that train with power, heart rate, or rate of perceived exertion. They range in duration and training load to suit different types of athletes. Prices vary, as an indication a 3-month training plan is $90 (US dollars as you purchase direct from Training Peaks). 
Custom training program without feedback
Do you want a customised program to suit your specific schedule? Do you need help getting the balance right between training and recovery? Do you want a cost-effective option without data analysis? This training program is for you. 

The training program without feedback is a fully customised training program, to suit your schedule and specific goals. It is tailored to your training zones. However, for this training program, you won't get extensive feedback on your training sessions or long-term analysis of your data. 

On a month-by-month basis, this training program is $125/month, or $100/month if you commit for at least three months. 
Complete training program with feedback
If you have a power meter and you want to get the most out of it, this is the training program for you. 

The complete training program will be customised to suit your schedule, your goals, and your physiological strengths and weaknesses. You will get feedback on your key training rides and events, plus analysis of long-term trends in your performance. 

The complete training program also includes event or race plans and input for other aspects of training as required (e.g. nutrition). 
On a month-by-month basis, this training program is $250/month, or $225/month if you commit for at least three months. 
Nutrition Coaching
Is your nutrition supporting your health and training? Is your body composition where you would like it to be? Are you overwhelmed by different kinds of dietary advice and don't know where to start? Do you need help figuring out what to eat before, during and after your rides?

You have come to the right place. My nutrition coaching service works with you to understand your priorities and support you to make changes without feeling like you are "on a diet". 
Want more information? Check out this summary and expression of interest form

Nominal cost for nutrition coaching is $100/month, depending on the level of support you need.