Gold Coaching Services
This coaching service is recommended for riders who want to develop to the best of their ability. It is particularly suited for riders who are targeting a specific event or goal, as the training program will be designed to prepare the athlete for the specific demands of their target event. It is recommended to start the event-specific training program at least three months before the target event, to develop all the fitness components that may be relevant.
Requirements of the athlete:
  • currently ride at least 3-4 days per week;
  • have a Garmin or similar bike computer;
  • use a heart rate monitor and/or power meter;
  • commit to following the training program to the best of your ability (acknowledging that sometimes life gets in the way);
  • upload data to your online Training Peaks account (which will be set up as part of the program) at least weekly.
If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements, please contact me .
The Training Program with Feedback includes the following components:
  • online Training Peaks account, where your training program, data and feedback will be communicated;
  • establish baseline performance measures and traqining zones (heart rate and power if relevant);
  • individual training program delivered through Training Peaks, with specific workouts or rest days for a four week period;
  • individual feedback on training sessions;
  • analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, with coaching input to develop in these areas;
  • feedback on performance changes over time, based on analysis of training data;
  • tactics and guidance for riding in events (races, time trials, participation events, epic events, etc); and
  • coaching input in other areas that can impact performance, as required (e.g. nutrition, psychology, bike setup, etc.).
On a month-by-month basis, this training program is $250/month (incl GST). Discounts are available for athletes who sign up for a minimum of three months.