Why have a cycling coach?
A cycling coach will work with you to prepare you for wherever your cycling journey goes, whatever your goals are.
The more precise your goals, the more targeted and specific the training preparation will be. E.g. you may wish to complete the Peaks Challenge in under 13 hours; improve your time for a 20 km time trial by 5%; or qualify for the UWCT amateur road cycling world championships.
A cycling coach is a resource. Your coach has been trained in cycling coaching and continues to undertake ongoing professional development and research in cycling performance, tactics, nutrition and related areas. Your coach has also participated in many kinds of cycling events and continues to expand her experience base. Your coach will ensure that you get the benefits of this knowledge and experience in your cycling training and preparation.
A cycling coach is a tool to guide your input of time, energy and finances. This will ensure that the efforts you put in are directed in the best way to boost the results. 
You get a training program that tells you what cycling to do every day to assist you to achieve your goals. This requires less exertion of willpower than developing your own cycling schedule, as it reduces the decision making required. Will I get up and ride? What ride will I do? How hard should I go? All these decisions are made. You will apply your mental fortitude to complete the session to the best of your ability.
Your training program is customised for your specific circumstances, including your availability, current fitness, strengths and weaknesses, and your goals.
Your training program and advice from your coach applies the latest research, so that you don’t have to worry that there could be something better or more that you should be doing.
Your cycling coach will get to know you – the more you work together, the more your training program and advice will be tailored to your specific needs.
You will get specific advice and tactics for your target event(s). Your coach will give you individual guidance about how to ride in your target event, and what to be prepared for. For “A” Priority races, this may include analysis of several scenarios and options for how to respond. Of course, it is still up to you to apply this on the day and be mindful of changing circumstances.
Your coach will also work with you to identify any factors outside of physical training that may be impacting on your cycling performance. This may include nutrition, recovery, stress, bike fit, etc.