Infinit Nutrition Partnership
Fusion Cycle Coaching is pleased to have a partnership with Infinit Nutrition. 
This partnership enable Fusion Cycle Coaching athletes and friends to access a discount when buying Infinit Nutrition products. The discount code is fusioncc​.

Infinit will also provide samples and nutrition information for training camps. 
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Infinit Nutrition is a sports drink mix.
But it is not just any regular drink mix.
It is:
  • all-natural
  • customisable
  • made in Australia

And best of all, it can replace all other nutrition you may use during a sporting event - i.e. you won't need to take any gels, bars, food etc to get you through. 

What is
Infinit Nutrition?  

I don't get leg cramps or stomach when I use Infinit. I've had problems with cramps from using gels previously. 

Normally I need to eat even during a morning training ride or I get hungry. I have used Infinit for a four-hour hills ride and I haven't needed to eat anything. 

I did a 150km hard hilly ride, using only Infinit, and I still had energy at the end of the ride. 

What do our athletes say about Infinit Nutrition?

How much does it cost?

What if I don't like it?   

A large bag of customised mix, with 25 serves, regular price is $65 plus $10 postage. 

Fusion Cycle Coaching athletes and friends can access a 10% discount code - please contact me and I'll send you the code. 

Infinit Nutrition offer a 30 day re-mix or refund guarantee, so you can get your mix adjusted or get a refund if you still don't like it. 
Start by completing the ​ Quick-start survey on the Infinit Nutrition website to see what your custom mix might look like. 

You might want to look at their pre-set formulas , which can also be customised. 

You can also request a one-on-one free phone consultation to set up your own custom mix. 

Where can I get 
Infinit Nutrition?