Perth Group Rides
The interactive map below has pins for every bike shop in Perth (most of which should have weekend rides, although not all details are available online), and other cycling groups that have group rides open to the general public to join. 
Grey pins indicate bike shops where no information was available online about their group rides. 
All other pins are coloured according to the start time of the group ride. Only details about weekend group rides are provided in the map. 
The pin location corresponds to the start location of the group ride. Click on the "open" icon on the top left of the map header and you can see the legend for the pin colours. 
Click on a pin and you will see details including the start time, distance and average speed for the group ride. The bike shop or cycling group name, website and contact details are also provided where available. 
DISCLAIMER: The map was created with information available online. If you are planning to try a new group ride, please check the details with a real person in the group. If you have more accurate information for a group, please contact me to update the map.