Why did I start a cycling coaching business?
I started a cycling coaching business as I enjoy working with cyclists to help them develop to the best of their ability. I have an analytical mind and I like to figure out how and why – how to get better at hill climbing, why some athletes develop faster than others, how to prepare for specific events. I am constantly analysing how I ride, how others ride, and how to improve. The outcomes of this analysis feed into my coaching philosophy.
I also believe that cycling coaching is not just about developing fitness through a training program or group sessions. A coach helps her athletes to develop in many other areas that may influence cycling performance. These areas include bike handling skills, nutrition, tactics for riding target events or races, and mental skills training. My intention for my coaching business is to offer a complete coaching service to my athletes to ensure that they are comprehensively prepared for wherever their cycling journey goes.
Finally, I enjoy combining science with creativity; big picture goals with detailed analysis of event profiles and required attributes. Cycling coaching is an outlet where I can do fun things like analyse data, come up with training programs that prepare my athlete in every way for their target event, and apply my creativity to develop skills and fitness while keeping things interesting. Plus of course it is an excuse to spend more time cycling, researching, and thinking about all things cycling and health related.