Training Camps
Feedback from previous training camps:
"Training was adjusted according to speed and ability."
"Great atmosphere and balance between learning and fun."
"Value for money was bloody awesome and food was delicious ... would definitely recommend it."
"You are a magician because even with the mixed abilities you seemed to make it work for everyone."
"Really well organised and loved having someone else telling me what I was doing for the weekend."
"Great to be among like-minded people."
Some of the benefits of a training camp include:
  • Focus on cycling with other distractions removed. 
  • Get to ride new routes. 
  • Access to a coach to ask questions and get specific feedback on your riding. 
  • Learn from other riders. 
  • Push yourself harder than normal, do longer training sessions, try to keep up with other riders. 
  • Learn about other aspects related to cycling - e.g. core exercises, nutrition. 
  • Time to sit in cafes and enjoy good food and coffee :) 
Please contact me to express your interest in a training camp. Or get together a group of like-minded cyclists and I can run a private training camp for you - organising the accommodation, evening meals, and riding schedule and you get to enjoy the experience!