Training Programs
A brief overview of training services is provided below. If you would like more information, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch. All enquiries are obligation-free. 
Complete training program with feedback
Do you have a power meter? Do you have specific requirements (e.g. a tight schedule) or challenging goals? Do you want to optimise your training? If so, this is the training program for you. 

The complete training program will be customised to suit your schedule, your goals, and your physiological strengths and weaknesses. You will get feedback on your key training rides and events, plus analysis of long-term trends in your performance. 

The complete training program also includes event or race plans and input for other aspects of training as required (e.g. nutrition). 
On a month-by-month basis, this training program is $250/month, or $225/month if you commit for at least three months. 
Custom training program without feedback
Do you have a heart rate meter or train without looking at any data? Do you want a customised program to suit your specific requirements? Are you training for an unusual event or do you have a challenging schedule? Do you want a more cost-effective option without data analysis? This training program is for you. 

The training program without feedback is a fully customised training program, to suit your schedule and specific goals. It is tailored to your training zones. However, for this training program, you won't get extensive feedback on your training sessions or long-term analysis of your data. 

On a month-by-month basis, this training program is $125/month, or $100/month if you commit for at least three months. 
Training Peaks Training Plan
Are you looking for a cost-effective option to access a structured training plan that targets a specific purpose? Do you want the benefits of intervals targeted to your training zones? Are you comfortable fine-tuning the training days to suit your schedule? Then this option may be for you. 

A range of Fusion Cycle Coaching training plans are available for purchase on the Training Peaks website:

Each training plan has a specific purpose (e.g. train for mountains, all-round development) and they range in duration from one to several months. Prices vary, as an indication a 3-month training plan is $90 (US dollars as you purchase direct from Training Peaks).